Expedictionary is a blog devoted to literary geography. A dictionary naturally entails a few definitions –

Expedictionary – [ek-spi-dik-shuh-ner-ee]


1. A portmanteau word combining ‘expeditionary’ with ‘dictionary’ to form a most confusing and wordy term adjective;

2. Of having a character that is both adventurous and involved in the study of writing;

3. The name of a WordPress blog, e.g., I read an article from Expedictionary and it was really awesome, except for the fact that I totally disagreed.”

Literary geography – [lit-uh-rer-ee jee-og-ruh-fee]


1. pertaining to works of a literary nature, as well as the science of spatial organization, interrelation, and human occupation of the earth’s surface;

2. a compound term of ‘literary’ and ‘geography,’ invented by the author of a blog called Expedictionary;

3. the study of literary geography;

4. engaged with the profession of literature and geography.


Expedictionary explores the worlds of pop culture, literature, politics and geography. Reviews, lists, opinions, essays and stories. There’s something for just about everyone.

A few of the frequently appearing series include:

Film Cities explores the intersections of urban form and film.

Ranking the [insert series here] takes a multi-media franchise and sees how they stack up.

Top 5 provides lists of five great movies, books, or short stories for a given subject or holiday.

Quote of the Fortnight is a (sometimes) biweekly series that features great quotes from great literature.

Additionally, one-shot features and reblogs from some of my other writing credits may appear.



Harrison Blackman is a recent graduate of Princeton University who majored in history with minors in urban studies, Hellenic studies and creative writing. The former editor-in-chief of “Tortoise: A Journal of Writing Pedagogy” for the Princeton University Writing Program, he has served as an editor for The Daily Princetonian, a design editor for The Nassau Literary Review, and his writing has appeared in The Nassau Weekly, US-1, College Social Magazine, Affairs Today and The Culture Trip NYC.

When he’s not at school, he lives in Maryland. When he’s not writing about landscapes, he’s running around in them.


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