The Shape of Things to Come: 4000 Hits, New Design & Summer of Adventure

Now that the academic year has officially closed, Expedictionary is proud to announce the “Summer of Adventure:” a season of new, original content for the website. During the school year I am mostly limited to reblogging articles I have written for campus publications, but the summer means that Expedictionary will resume posting “Top 5” lists, book and film reviews, more articles in the very popular “Film Cities” series, and of course, the continuation of the Quote of the Fortnight.

New this summer will be the introduction of posts that rank entries in novel series, starting off with the novels of Frank Herbert’s Dune series in the next week. A series of lecture-based videos concerning architecture and urban planning is also in the works for later this summer.

To complement this new schedule, the website took on a new design a month ago, invigorating the site with fresh sans-serif fonts and bold photography.

Closing in on its 1-year anniversary, Expedictionary has accumulated over 4,000 views. How soon will we reach 5,000? This is a question that will just have to be revealed over the next three months.

It’s never too late to join the expediction!



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