Daily Prince: Lawnparties Preview – Charter Club

While the headliners of Princeton’s Spring Lawnparties outdoor concert festival, GRiZ and Mayer Hawthorne, elicited many furrowed brows due to the complete unknown-ness of the University Student Government-sponsored acts, (as of press time, GRiZ lacks a a Wikipedia page), the good news is that the eating clubs have hired an impressive array of up-and-coming artists.

The D.C. rock band RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red-Gold-Green) will be performing at Charter Club, and you can read a short description of the band if you follow the link below: http://dailyprincetonian.com/street/2014/05/lawnparties-charter-club/

Be sure to check out all the other acts from the good writers at Street, the Daily Princetonian’s arts and culture department!



Image from: http://www.paradigmagency.com/divisions/artist/index/2221 , courtesy of Paradigm Talent Agency.


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