Daily Prince: Start-ups – FireStop

This week’s edition of the Daily Princetonian’s Street section featured some write-ups of various start-up businesses founded by current Princeton students. I wrote a short article on FireStop, a mobile app designed to help firefighters more efficiently respond to emergencies.

To read the article, follow the link: http://dailyprincetonian.com/street/2014/02/start-ups-firestop/
Also, read Jennifer Shyue’s articles about some other Princeton start-ups, including the Dri-Fit dress company Wick, and the chess education program ChessAcademy! It’s amazing what these young entrepreneurs are doing!




Post image is by “Loco Steve” from Flikr and is Creative Commons licensed. Image can be found http://www.flickr.com/photos/locosteve/4349003896/

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