Year in Review: Top Five Posts

Though Expedictionary has only been up and running since June, the year 2013 was marked by some great articles and significant Internet traffic. As the site has now received over 2600 views from more than 56 countries, it’s worth reflecting on the best articles of the year. Here are the top five Expedictionary articles of 2o13, ranked on the total aggregate number of page views. (Note: This list does not include posts that provided links to external articles, such as to the Daily Princetonian, nor does it include reblogs or pages on the main site.)

Honorable Mention: (This post was in the top five for a long time until “Five Heartwarming Short Stories For the Holidays” and “Five Favorite Books Read in 2013” displaced it in the past few days, so I figured it deserved a spot on the list).


Review: The Wolverine (2013) (Read here:

This review of the latest Wolverine film was sufficiently popular to warrant a place on this list, beating out many other posts. It’s worth checking out, as the world awaits next summer’s release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, a film that plans to bridge the characters of X-Men: The Last Stand to their younger iterations from X-Men: First Class. It sounds promising – because Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and Hugh Jackman will all be together in one film. Get pumped!

And the top five posts are…


5. Five Heartwarming Short Stories for the Holidays (Read here:

Last week’s holiday short story list was a huge hit, breaking into the top five posts for the year. Featuring online links to short stories that bring in holiday themes, it’s a great post if you’re searching for interesting reading material. Feel free to check out the other short story lists for Halloween (Read here: and Thanksgiving (Read here:


4. SNL, American Nations, and Farewell Summer: A Letter to the Readers (Read here:

Part personal essay, part book review, this post tries to asses cultural differences between American regions. Not sure how successful it was, but the fusion of Saturday Night Live and cultural geography definitely made it a memorable and fun post. Not to mention that NPR interviewed Colin Woodard about his book months after this post came out.


3. “Five Favorite Books Read in 2013” (Read here:

With a little help from a reblog on Largehearted Boy’s yearly aggregate collection of best of the year lists (, last week’s post vaulted to the top three for the entire year. Featuring my favorite books that I read in 2013, this list is a good collection of books to start your new year.

battle royale

2. Five Books Better Than The Hunger Games (Read here:

With this November’s release of Catching Fire, this was a big year for the Hunger Games. Which meant it was time to dispel some notions about the originality of Suzanne Collins’ series – while suggesting some further readings for fans thirsty for more novels with similar themes. Recommendation number one – Battle Royale!

truman_show_ver1 poster

1. The Truman Show, Urban Planning, and Television’s Evolution (Read here:

Wow. This post was the granddaddy of them all, accounting for more than 500 views itself. Immensely popular with foreign viewers (for reasons I’m not entirely sure), this essay on 1998 film The Truman Show,  New Urbanism and Norwegian television marathons was the biggest hit of the year.

Once you’re done catching up, get excited! This was just the first six months of Expedictionary – in 2014, you’ll have a full twelve! Join the Expediction!

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